Hi, I am Jen

I am a Product Designer with 9+ experience building consumer-facing and B2B SaaS products in fast-paced environments. Currently, I am at eBay designing the seller ads experience.

I am a designer

// with diverse experience

I started my career as a content manager and then transited into design. Along the way, I've also worn hats as a product manager and a front-end UI designer. All of these experiences have enriched my perspectives and allowed me to evolve into a better designer with encompassing viewpoint.

// who thinks about business

I deeply care about the business context, as well as the little details in design. I believe that the closer the design can understand the business, the greater impact the design can make.

// who drives the process

I help the team drive process and find direction amidst ambiguity and complexity. I identify themes, clarify problem spaces, and create iterable milestones towards the vision.

When I am not designing

I mentor designers on ADPList and help students break into design on Springboard.

I like to channel my creative energy through my body and pen: I am into fitness, dancing, and freestyle movement, and I occasionally doodle on Procreate.

I am also a proud mom to my 1-year-old daughter.

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