Design System

→ Senior Product Designer
→ 2019 - 2020 (ongoing project)


As a member of the team, we established, designed, and maintained the Pixlee Design System to consolidate the platform interface, enhance product usability, and streamline the product development process.


Product designer x 2 (including myself)
Front-end developer x 2

About the company

Pixlee is the the leading Social UGC, Ratings & Reviews, and Influencer Marketing platform for community-driven brands.


Historically, the Pixlee team has built features on top of the existing UI with different team members. Consequently, the design and workflow show significant inconsistencies throughout the platform. This not only leads to confusion and usability issues for our users but also creates complications and inefficiencies for both designers and engineers during the product development process.


  • Maintain UI consistency across the platform

  • Improve overall platform user interface and resolve usability issues

  • Improve the efficiency of design and engineering development process

Outcome & Impact

Established Pixlee design language

Established UI library with over 20 components 

Improved usability and UI consistency

Increased product development efficiency

Design overview

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