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→ Senior Product Designer
→ March 2022


Redesigned the RTG interface to allow customers to personalize their restaurant dishes for delivery.


Senior Product Designer (Me)
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As Restaurant-To-Go (RTG) transitions to an on-demand delivery model, there is an increasing need to provide customers with more autonomy and flexibility in their meal choices.


As RTG transitions towards an on-demand delivery model, we've noticed there is limited capability in selling restaurants that typically come with high level of customization (e.g. boba tea shops, poke bowl restaurants, etc.)

Offering this level of customization has become a staple feature in on-demand delivery services.


Enable on-demand delivery service

Stronger sales for restaurants in specific verticals

Better customer satisfaction



I started this project under a challenge which is to deliver the design within one week.

In order to move forward quickly, I did a quick competitor research for major food delivery apps. This allowed me to understand common design patterns and observe how different applications designed their user interactions and workflows.

I used this research as a reference point to evaluate what would be applicable and beneficial for this feature.

Initial exploration

My initial proposal is to allow users to customize items through the PDP. This approach is a common pattern among major food delivery apps in the US.

However, the team's feedback regarding this approach is that they find a PDP with a customization form overwhelming, especially since our app has more elements in the PDP, such as UGC content.

Design iteration

I explored an alternative interaction approach: I separated the PDP and the customization form.

The hypothesis is that users who are familiar with the item will add it to the cart directly via the customization form, while users who are not familiar with the item will click into the PDP to learn more.

I gathered feedback from UX research and fellow designers and found no major usability issues. To expedite the process due to time constraints, the team decided to proceed with this approach.

Final polish

Main workflow

A new customization form pops up when users tap ATC button.

Edge cases

Accommodate scenarios when users want to edit/increase/decrease the customized items


Main workflow

After launching the first version, I was able to convince the team to adopt the other interaction approach - combine PDP and customization form - to streamline the workflow.

Results & Impact

The feature was launched in March 2022, and we observed a positive impact on GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) and the number of orders.


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