Plan Ahead

→ Lead Product Designer
→ May - July 2022


A strategic initiative to reposition and redesign the core experience of the scheduled food delivery service.


Lead Product Designer (Me)
1 Director of Product
1 Project Manager
4 Software Engineers
1 Content Writer

Business context

Weee! is the largest online grocery retailer in North America, specializing in Asian products.

Restaurant-to-go (aka RTG) is a new business vertical launched in 2021, offering restaurant food delivery service.

The mission of RTG is to make Weee! a one-stop-shop for delivering exciting and authentic food to our customers’ doors.

A journey of transition

RTG started as a scheduled delivery service, but later transitioned into an on-demand-based delivery service.

During this transition, I worked on a series of projects to create the building blocks of the on-demand delivery service while supporting and enhancing the existing legacy business.


  • 👀 Under the new RTG homepage design, scheduled service has become too hidden.

  • ⬇️ This cause existing scheduled service booking dropped by ~13%.

  • 🧐 The experience of ordering scheduled and on-demand service are mixed together and cause user confusion.

Knowing our users

From interviewing users I found out a couple of things:

Grocery users

Most customers are expecting a regular on-demand delivery experience; They are not aware of the value of scheduled delivery service.

Existing scheduled users

They don’t revisit this feature often due to limited options, and overall ordering experience.


Reposition the feature, emphasizing its unique value proposition

Differentiate the scheduled & on-demand ordering experiences

Enhance the overall scheduled ordering experience

Product repositioning

I collaborated closely with the Product Manager to clarify the values and use cases for both services.

The team decided to reposition and rebrand scheduled delivery as Plan Ahead - Premium Restaurant Delivery.

Design explorations

Final design highlight


  • A prominent entrance on the homepage for dedicated Plan Ahead ordering experience.

  • A brief introduction that covers the key values and benefits of Plan Ahead.

  • Big emphasis on the date selector to indicate a different delivery model.

Cohesive end-to-end experience

  • Design the experience with consistent information from homepage all the way to checkout.

  • The floating shopping cart
    makes it easier for users to review cart & proceed to checkout.


  • I also added first timer onboarding guide so that users are aware of the changes and the difference between the delivery options.


  • Launched in Q3 2022

  • Plan Ahead booking +10.11%
    revenue +8.9%

  • It’s important because Plan Ahead is still takes around 45% of the entire RTG revenue.

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